Egg Roll - $2.95

Crab Rangoon - $3.95

Edemame - $3.95

Gyoza - $4.95

Vegetable Tempura - $5.95

Shrimp Tempura - 6.95

Frid Calamari - $6.95 




Egg Drop Soup - $2.95

Hot and Sour Soup - $3.95

Miso Soup - $4.00

Vegetable and Bean Curd Soup - 3.95

House Soup - $4.95

Seafood Soup - $4.95




Served with your choice of steamed rice, fried rice, or garlic noodles


Steamed Chicken & Vegetable - $9.95
Steamed Shrimp & Vegetable - $11.95
Steamed Scallops & Vegetable - $13.95
Steamed Seafood Combination - $13.95





Served with your choice of steamed rice, fried rice, or garlic noodles
All varieties available in Pork, or Chicken 9.95
                                Beef 10.95
                                Shrimp 11.95
                                Scallops 13.95
                                Combination of beef, chicken, and shrimp 13.95

Cashew Stir Fried
Stir fried with bell peppers, zucchinis, carrots, celery, and mushrooms
in garlic sauce

Served with Japanese Teriyaki sauce, with sesame sprinkled on top


Sautéed with mixed vegetables in a spicy house sauce


Kung Bao
Quick fried with peanuts, chili peppers and scallions, a spicy
lover’s choice


Twice Cooked
A Chinese classic, stir fried with cabbage and carrots in Szechuan
style sauce


Tossed with sweet brown sesame sauce


Stir fried with broccoli and carrots in garlic sauce


Stir fried with scallions and onion in a special house sauce


Your choice of meat with Vegetables
Stir fried with snow peas and Chinese vegetables in a light sauce 



Served with your choice of steamed rice, fried rice, or garlic noodles

Ma Po Tofu - $10.95
Szechuan's most famous dish of crispy silken tofu and ground pork in spicysauce

Happy Family - $13.95
Combination with Seafood ; sautéed with fresh Chinese vegetables


Flaming Shrimp - $12.95
Sautéed with fresh onions and special red tomato sauce

Mandarin Combination - $12.95
Shrimp, beef, and chicken sauteed with an assortment of fresh
Chinese vegetables

Neptune in Bird’s Nest - $13.95
Scallops, prawns, Tilapia, and crab meat served in a delicious crispy nest

Pineapple Shrimp - $11.95
Lightly battered and deep fried, served with a sweet and citrus pineapple sauce


Tilapia - $11.95 Available in Pineapple, Chinese Curry, or Teriyaki

Mu Shu Pork - $10.95
A Chinese tradition, served with Hoisin sauce and thin pancakes


Orange Peel - $12.95 Available in Chicken or Beef, $1.00 extra for shrimp
Tossed with chili peppers and orange peels

Lemon Chicken - $11.95
Deep fried chicken served with citrus lemon sauce

General Chicken - $11.95
Hot! Deep fried chicken sautéed with a Chinese Five Spice sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken - $11.95
Deep fried chicken served with our special sweet and sour sauce

Cashew Chicken (Springfield Style) - $11.95
Deep fried chicken tossed with Springfield style cashew sauce

Egg Foo Young - $12.95 Available in Chicken, Pork or Beef, $1.00 extra for shrimp
Chinese Omelet, comfort and classic

Unagi Don - $12.95
A Japanese favorite, grilled eel with wonderful eel sauce


Tonkatsu - $12.95
A Japanese classic, battered pork chop and deep fried. Served on a bed ofcabbage with Tonkatsu sauce



Cantonese Chow Mein
Beef, Pork, or Chicken 8.95
Shrimp 9.95

Combination of Beef, Chicken and Shrimp 9.95


Lo Mein
Beef, Pork, or Chicken - $8.95
Shrimp - $9.95
Combination of Beef, Chicken and Shrimp - $9.95

Fried Rice
Beef, Pork, or Chicken - $8.95
Shrimp - $9.95
Combination of Beef, Chicken and Shrimp - $9.95

Pan Fried Noodles - $13.95
Semi-crispy egg noodles loaded with shrimp, chicken, beef, and fresh

Yakisoba - $11.95
Available in Beef, Chicken, Pork. $1.00 Extra for Shrimp


Side Steamed Rice - $1.95
Side Fried Rice - $3.50
Side Garlic Noodles - $3.50



Served with your choice of Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, or Garlic Noodles
Buddha’s Feast - $9.95
Bean Curd Country Style - $9.95
Egg Plant Stir Fried - $10.95
Spicy String Bean - $9.95
Hunan Bean Curd - $9.95
Szechuan Style Asparagus - $10.95



Available in Beef, Tonkatsu, Chicken, or Vegetable
                 $1.00 Extra for Shrimp
                 $2.00 Extra for Scallops

Japanese - $11.95
Rich and savory curry sauce


Chinese - $11.95
Stir fried with Chinese spicy curry sauce

Thai - $11.95
Thai curry sauce with a hint of sweet coconut milk and basil



Mochi Ice Cream - $3.95
Imported directly from Japan, creamy ice cream wrapped in chewy
Mochi. Something you’ll never forget!


Cheese Cake - $4.95
New York Style


Strawberry Shortcake (2 servings, seasonal) - $6.95
Chinese version! Chewy Chinese donut loaded with strawberry ice
cream and fresh strawberry. A MUST try!


Fried Ice Cream (2 servings) - $6.95
Lightly battered in Japanese Tempura batter and deep fried. One of our favorites!

Sushi Menu


NIGIRI (2pcs)
Tuna - $4.75
Yellow Tail - $5.25
Salmon - $4.75
Red Snapper - $4.75
Super White Tuna - $5.25
Smelt Roe (Masago) - $4.75
Shrimp (Ebi) - $3.50
Crab - $3.50
Octopus - $4.75
Eel (Unagi) - $5.25
Egg (Tamago) - $3.50

SASHIMI (3 pcs)
Tuna - $5.75
Super White Tuna - $6.25
Yellow Tail - $6.25
Salmon - $5.75
Red Snapper - $5.75

ROLLS (6-8 Pcs)
California Roll - $5.25
Salmon Skin Roll - $4.50
Smoked Salmon Roll - $5.75
Spicy Crab Roll - $5.25
Tuna Roll - $5.75
Spicy Tuna Roll - $6.75
Salmon Roll - $5.75
Yellow Tail Roll - $6.25
Cucumber Roll - $3.75
Avocado Roll 3.75




Las Vegas Strip - $13.75
5pcs Nigiri of Chef’s choice with your choice of Spicy Tuna Roll or California Roll

Sashimi Sampler - $12.75
2pcs Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper, and Supe White Tuna


Sashimi Delight - $17.75
2pcs Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper, Octopus, Yellow Tail, and Super White Tuna


Tuna Tataki - $12.95
Pepper crusted Ahi tuna with ginger sauce

Tuna Carpaccio - $12.75
Thinly Sliced tuna with our special sauce




Jurassic Roll - $15.75
Temp Shrimp, cream cheese, crab, eel, avocado, temp flakes


Volcano (Spicy) -$15.75
California roll topped with temp shrimp, red
snapper, scallops


Eel Twister - $13.50
California roll topped with eel and avocado


Spider Roll - $13.50
Soft shell crab, cucumber, crab, avocado


New York New York - $13.50
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, capers, onion


Crunchy Roll - $11.75
Temp shrimp, cucumber, crab mix, topped with temp flakes


Philadelphia Roll - $9.00
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

The Bomb (Very Spicy) - $15.75
Spicy crab, spicy salmon, spicy tuna, asparagus topped with grilled spicy scallops
and red snapper

Mega Crazy (Spicy) - $15.75
Spicy tuna, temp shrimp, cream cheese topped with salmon, tuna, avocado, temp

What the Crab (Spicy) -$14.50
Salmon, temp shrimp, cream cheese, topped with spicy crab, scallion and yum
yum sauce

Sex and the City (Spicy) - $13.50
Spicy salmon, cucumber, topped with salmon, tuna, avocado

Rainbow Roll - $13.50
Crab, cucumber topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper, super white tuna, avocado

Rock N Roll - $13.50
Crab, cucumber, topped with salmon and yum yum sauce

Big Island - $13.50
Crab, cucumber, topped with pepper crusted Ahi tuna, scallion and house Island sauce

White Dragon Roll - $12.50
Crab, cucumber topped with super white tuna, crispy garlic, green onion

Las Vegas Roll - $12.50
Salmon, cream cheese, avocado. Deep fried then topped with unagi sauce

Crispy Spicy Tuna (Spicy)
 - $12.50

Spicy tuna, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado. Deep fried then topped with garlic ponzu sauce

Crazy Roll (Spicy) - $12.50
Spicy tuna, cream cheese, temp shrimp. Topped with temp flakes and spicy mayo

Hulk Roll - $12.50
Crab, spicy tuna topped with avocado, eel sauce, wasabi mayo


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